#ETHisMoney Movement

It's not either/or, We can do it together.

Crypto isn’t a zero-sum ecosystem in which ₿itcoin maximalists lose if Ethereum maximalists win. Lockstep growth can happen if one recognizes that the use cases that ₿itcoin tackles can be different than those Ethereum seeks to address. Exchanges are such that most all crypto asset pairs are tied to ₿itcoin as it is so for altcoin boosters to promote their coin by tearing down ₿TC is counterproductive. ₿TC laid the foundation as first mover at a time, 2009, when the financial markets were on the brink. Our return to the brink in 2020 may see ₿itcoin take a leadership role yet again, given its current 66% crypto market cap hegemony, or this could be the crisis when another coin, #Ethereum, or any number of #ERC20 token projects step up in a big way.