Capital Disconnect

The spoils go to those who can leverage their skill set

In crypto, there’s a large disconnect between the two extremes of the ecosystem.
1) Large, well-funded projects like Coinbase, MakerDAO, and institutionally-funded companies that are approaching a problem requiring a feather’s touch with a sledgehammer.
2) Talented coders carving out a few hours a day to put into a project that’s slick, nimble, and enjoys adoption within the space by fellow coders. These programmers are influencers themselves so, before you know it, what started out as a small project now has positive press, a sizable reach within the niche, and a market share within the problem being addressed.

The valuation for #1 is many tens of millions of USD. The valuation of #2 is often nothing or the IP is offered as freeware. How do we bridge the gap between the two to offer sustained value for coders who have the tech competencies to materialize greatness but without the direction to manifest it into something. That’s at we’re at DivVC are striving to do. Connecting coders, with a history of achieving greatness, with a framework from which they can excel.